1. tomsobon's Avatar
    Right so my name is Blackberry,

    I havent been in my best shape lately, my new products haven't really taken off, and Ive produced too many phones.. I'm feeling really heavy now, with all those phones in my backpack.

    But you know what? I'll just write them down to zero, eroding my overall margins, but at least i can maybe try to sell them at a lower price. Hopefully a lower price will be appealing to my once beloved customers... and hopefully I have learned my lesson.

    Now it's time to move on. I think Ill create a bigger phone, yeah, with a lower resolution yeeeeaah, it will look nicer than the previous one yeaaahhhh and it will sport the new 10.2 BB10 OS yyyeeeaaaaaaahhhh, Ill even add Flipboard to my app ecosystem yeeeaaaaahhhh so people will stop complaining about my "wonderful" ecosystem...

    And because my phones were perceived as too expensive in the market for what they offered, I technically should make an effort on the price this time, yeeeeaaaaahhhh.....?

    .......OR MAYBE NOT , the market doesnt understand me, i'm the greatest, and my new phone will be priced at $700 yyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, FCK IT

    I wrote 1billion down already, I know how to do it, and certainly not afraid to do it a second time!!!!!!

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Seriously guys, they havent learned anything, hopefully, and i say hopefully they are not producing Gazillions of Z30....

    Decreasing your operating margins a bit from the start to potentially gain market share?
    Trying to unrealistically keep my margins high... to then write down 80% of my production and DEEPLY hurt my margins?

    It's pretty simple for me, dont know about you guys...

    Another epic failure sadly, I hope that the company gets taken over before next quarterly results!!!
    10-04-13 09:31 AM
  2. katiepea's Avatar
    It's almost like they're trying to make up for the Z10 not selling by tacking onto the price of the Z30, like that's going to sell. It's embarrassing how clueless these people are in charge.
    10-04-13 09:39 AM
  3. hoob15's Avatar
    You make it sound as if the decision to produce and release the Z30 was something that BB did only a few weeks ago.

    The development cycle from conception to shipment, especially on a totally new SKU with limited manufacturing overlap with existing models, takes quite a while.

    The Z30 has been on the BB roadmap for, I'd say, a few years already.

    So no, it isn't that simple. And the question of whether BB has learned from their current mistakes or not isn't something that will be answered in the near term, but a year or 2 from now.
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    10-04-13 02:23 PM
  4. tmanthib's Avatar
    For now, better marketing and reassure if possible that you will be around for the long haul. This also means getting the most popular apps on board too.

    Posted via CB10
    10-04-13 02:45 PM
  5. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    I don't think most people (at least in NA) even really look at the full price of a phone. They look at the contract price and there are often incentives and things from carriers to make it seem like they aren't paying that much.

    If you want people to perceive value you don't firesale a product that is just released. An interesting study done many years ago showed that if 2 identical car repair shops priced their oil changes one at $9.99 and one at $19.99, the one priced at $19.99 would actually sell more. People feel that if the price is too low they aren't getting value for their money.

    I don't think the problems BlackBerry are having with the OS stem mainly from price. It's a combination of poor marketing, bad press, and a currently badly perceived brand trying to go against a couple of entrenched operating systems.

    That said, I wasn't really interested in getting a Z30 (love my Z10) but I'm finding myself more and more drawn to it. I'm looking forward to checking it out on the 15th.

    Posted via CB10
    10-05-13 09:37 AM

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