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    I just upgraded to the blackberry storm (9530) from my prior RAZR V3m. It paired without difficulity to the IHF1000. The IHF1000's internal contact list and voice dialing ("dial #") worked fine. When I use the command "Phone Voice Tag" the IHF1000 responds correctly with "Phone Voice Tag Please", however blackberry's response ("Say a command") does not come through the IHF1000/car speaker system. I can hear it from the phone's speaker in my belt holster (barely) but no longer through the car system itself (as with the RAZR). If I follow the usual voice prompts from the phone (I have to talk to the phone - the car's microphone is not active at this point) and confirm the voice tag, it dials correctly and then I can talk as usual through the car system. The problem is that I usually can't hear the phone in it's holster. What is interesting is that the BB is clearly communicating with the Motorola system... if I change the ringtones on the phone they even come through the car's speaker changed as well. The only time it does not appear to communicate is with the first part of the hands free voice dialing. I have changed every setting I could and even updated OS .65 -> .75 (both the leaked and official) without results. Anyone have any ideas?
    12-05-08 11:55 PM