03-11-15 03:21 AM
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  1. RyanGermann's Avatar
    If you could choose any smartphone device and install any OS on it, what combination would you choose?

    I'd probably choose BB10 on a Galaxy Note 4 at the moment... but iOS on a BlackBerry Classic is intriguing... but I don't think I could live without the BB10 Hub on my daily driver.

    (also, I am thinking only of existing device hardware: my fullscreen Quad HD Slider pictured in my sig is my dream device but that hardware doesn't exist... yet.

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    p.s. thanks Elite1 for moving it: I meant to put it in general 'Off Topic'.
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    02-28-15 10:26 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Intriguing prospect...

    Like you, my OS of choice would still be BB10. I wouldn't want to part with Hub and I prefer the virtual keyboard and UI over others.

    For hardware, I think I'd probably choose Samsung Note 4 also. Runner up is LG G3.

    Honourable mention to iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 5. They're a step down mostly because Note 4 & G3 are Quad HD displays, where 6 Plus & N5 are "only" Full HD.

    LoL... #FirstWorldProblems
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    02-28-15 10:46 PM
  3. Elite1's Avatar
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  4. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    Either the LG G3 or Moto X+1 body with BB10 OS

    Suffer Now & Live The Rest Of Your Life As A Champion
    02-28-15 11:00 PM
  5. John Vieira's Avatar
    Yeah, I'd like to try BB10 on the Note4.

    I'd also try Android on the Passport.

    But would probably try to get Sailfish on the Passport.

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    02-28-15 11:00 PM
  6. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    I would like a passport 2 running QNX and Windows 10

    Blackberry Passport running
    02-28-15 11:11 PM
  7. Bishkin's Avatar
    If you could choose any smartphone device and install any OS on it, what combination would you choose?
    BB10 on Bold.
    02-28-15 11:46 PM
  8. kazakoshi's Avatar
    I love BB10 OS & I need physical keyboard. So Passport as is. But my dream phone is BB10 on Style (flip phone). Never gonna happen I know....

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    03-01-15 12:21 AM
  9. skstrials's Avatar
    If you want the physical keyboard AND BB10, there is really not much choice other than BlackBerry hardware.

    I would just stick with my Q10.

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    03-01-15 01:41 AM
  10. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    HTC hardware and design, bb10 OS (don't laugh, tried all, and with all the bugs still my prefered OS), and a CLIP ON magnetic keyboard, once snapped the device would go to Qmode keep the virtual keyboard open and operate like an over sized Q10!

    The magnetic keyboard can be removed and placed also on the back magnetically for storage and portability!



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    03-01-15 02:11 AM
  11. skstrials's Avatar
    I am not sure why people like the HTC hardware so much.

    The metal casing does not transmit radio signal as well as other plastic casing, so reception is likely worse than the BlackBerry hardware.

    The HTC One is ridiculously slippery with huge bezels,the extra weight is just icing on the cake.

    The so called "boom sound" speaker is actually worse than the speaker on the Z30.

    And of course, it comes with a glued on battery that you cannot remove once it wears out.

    I hate the HTC hardware because it represents the "form over function" design in almost every way.

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    03-01-15 02:33 AM
  12. Vampiro's Avatar
    I would put BB10 on the upcoming HTC ONE M9....
    03-01-15 02:37 AM
  13. chrisro's Avatar
    BB10 on a Passport

    Posted via CB10 from my exquisite Passport on TMO Romania
    03-01-15 03:09 AM
  14. lnichols's Avatar
    Yeah BB10 on the current Galaxy hardware would be the best thing right now. Wish BlackBerry would work a deal with Samsung for them to manufacture some hardware and supply to BlackBerry to throw the OS on and sale. Just drop the home button, or maybe leave it in and have it bounce you into home screen on the OS.

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    03-01-15 10:12 AM
  15. BriniaSona's Avatar
    BB10 on my Alienware Laptop please.
    03-01-15 10:33 AM
  16. Traxxmy's Avatar
    Samsung s5 hardware and Symbian Os. Gonna be a great combination.

    Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808. FilePLAY Music Player
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    03-01-15 10:35 AM
  17. Billy Bob Jimmy Joe's Avatar
    BlackBerry Torch with the latest Android, high-end specs, and the Hub.

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    03-01-15 02:36 PM
  18. anon(8063781)'s Avatar
    webOS on a Passport. The capacitive keyboard would make for a perfect gesture area. I can't think of hardware and software better suited to each other.

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    03-01-15 02:57 PM
  19. Alain_A's Avatar
    Note 4 with Windows 10
    03-01-15 03:06 PM
  20. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    Note 4 with Windows 10
    So u love samsung hardware, windows software, but stuck with a BlackBerry phone

    Sorry dude!


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    03-09-15 02:03 AM
  21. smart548's Avatar
    BlackBerry Torch with the latest Android, high-end specs, and the Hub.

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    It's coming in a matter of months ;-)

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    03-09-15 02:50 AM
  22. --TommesJay--'s Avatar
    I would install BlackBerry 10.3.1 on a Passport. Oh, wait...

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    03-09-15 02:55 AM
  23. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    I actually can't say I'm happy with the state of any smartphone hardware, at the moment. It'd be nice to have Apple design a smartphone with Samsung or LG screen-to-body-ratio; but, that's never happening.

    Every smartphone maker has so many shortcomings...
    03-09-15 03:08 AM
  24. Draven2666's Avatar
    Life is simple for me. Bb10 software on a bb10 device. Getting the Passport in late May and shall see what Verizon has to offer in the summer.

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    03-09-15 03:38 AM
  25. jdesignz's Avatar
    Huawei Ascend Mate7 with BB12!

    Pasaporte Pilipinas | SQW100-1/
    03-09-15 03:48 AM
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