05-03-12 04:35 PM
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    If the hardware doesn't have a removable battery I will be going with you. I like touchscreens and Windows 8 is looking good. I sure hope that flaw is just with developer units. There's no doubt QNX is the best OS on the market but I just can't deal with dragging around a cord. I left IOS for that reason.
    05-02-12 11:38 PM
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    ^^^If the battery lasts forever i don't care if it's removable or not.
    05-03-12 11:30 AM
  3. T
    ^It won't "last forever." Battery technology simply is not that advanced. Iphone batteries don't "last forever" under heavy usage.
    05-03-12 11:36 AM
  4. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    ^It won't "last forever." Battery technology simply is not that advanced. Iphone batteries don't "last forever" under heavy usage.
    But, for those users at least, they last long enough. I think that is what dcgore is referring to.
    05-03-12 11:44 AM
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    I agree with some things the OP wrote about the current OS being well integrated on many fronts and working well, but I think change is inevitable.

    I would really like to see a "berry button" on BB10 devices, but I doubt we will see that. That one little button on BB's pretty much told you every option you had on a page and made the BB such a joy to use.

    I will never buy an all touch phone even with as much potential we were seeing at the last RIM conference with Thor Heins presenting that dev kit which looks like an all touch phone. I think RIM should have perhaps on only three phone models:

    1.) an all touch phone to attempt to compete with and convert the users of popular Android and Apple phones. The anme we have heard for this is the London.

    2.) Torch slider type phone where you do not have to compromise having a qwerty keyboard for a respectable sized touch screen.

    3.) Bold touch (like the Bold 9900/9930), the traditional BB with the benchmark for qwerty keyboards, compact, easy to use, and caters to the longtime BB faithful.

    Anything more than just a few core phones is too much, but given those three above options should satisfy all sorts of mobile phone users across all demographics.

    I hope we get to see BB10 devices before the year is over, but RIM still has not confirmed any official release dates and all we have seen so far is an impressive dev kit, but its still just a dev kit!

    I like the OS we already have on the Playbook. Yea, its not perfect, the browser does crash once in awhile, there is no "berry button" of options, apps are slowly but solidly building up, some notable consumer media apps are still nowhere to be found, but with another update we are looking at the finished BB10, I can't wait!

    The actual 2.0 QNX OS on Playbook is already good, tweaking it again for BB10 and putting it on BB's should work great. Just give me a model with a great keyboard and I am sold. I would luv to see a "berry button", maybe it could be like the current "action button" on the side of BB's, but that "berry button" simplifies things for me and so many, it would be ashmae to get rid of it completely...
    05-03-12 12:10 PM
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    LMAO, this is a post from some apple or android loon, that knows when the new devices and OS drop, they're gonna lose some more pieces of the pie.

    Apple/Android to RIM: Please don't release that new OS, "We can't compete with it"

    RIMPIRE STRIKING BACK: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    05-03-12 12:24 PM
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    Here's what I'm wondering, too. In the keynote address they talked about and demonstrated BB10's fluidity. And I was thinking that my 9650 is already fluid. I don't exit anything; everything is running in the background. I have bbm, yahoo instant messenger, windows live instant messenger, google talk, browser, password keeper, clock, my combined messages folder, etc all open, all the time. I use the app switcher to access them fluidly. This is BlackBerry. So, what exactly were they demonstrating? Were they showing how it will work on a touch screen device?
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    05-03-12 01:19 PM
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    The impression I get is that fluidity means not having lag, freezing, or the hourglass.

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    05-03-12 01:26 PM
  9. T
    Yea, but that's not what he was showing. He was showing "here, you're doing something, a notification comes in, you see them all, decide what you want to do, do it, then go back to what you were doing before." That's BlackBerry multitasking.
    05-03-12 01:41 PM
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    see ya, nothing else to add, just see ya later.

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    05-03-12 02:48 PM
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    I'm pretty sure RIM will release a BB10 with a physical keyboard. That's what I am waiting on. I'm disappointed that it appears the new devices won't have a removable battery. I was kind of hoping the display screen would be bigger like on the Samsung Galaxy Note. I know some people think its silly but I think its genius. After buying the Playbook I was thinking wow I could totally deal with a phone that is 5 inches big. The new OS looks slick but not too innovative. I really like the photo in time feature where you can edit photos after you take a snap shot. I think out of all the new features they showed off, that one was the best feature and I'm not even into photography. I just think it was cool and innovative. Yes, their version of a virtual keyboard was cool but it wasn't enough for me to say wow I would rather type long emails on that than with the my physical keyboard. I guess I am a bit old school then. I'm really concerned about battery life on these new devices. I have to go through 2 batteries a day on my Bold 9930. I guess I am a power user. I spent hours on BBM some days.
    05-03-12 03:40 PM
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    The four things on my Torch 9810 I can't imagine living without that I hope at least one BB10 phone has:

    1. The keyboard - not as good as the Bold, but I can hammer out decent mail without that stupid "I'm using a crippled onscreen keyboard, sorry if my spelling and grammar is worse than a two year old" signature

    2. The track pad - everytime I find myself having to edit text on my Wife's iPhone to correct a typo by poking at the screen with my sausage fingers to get the cursor in the right place I want to throw it through the nearest window.

    3. The Holster - The phone's holster awareness is just spectacular. get an e-mail, pull the phone out there's the message right on the screen. don't have to poke at it to see what's up. awesome

    4. The blackberry key - It's like the right mouse button, how could you live without it ?
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    05-03-12 04:35 PM
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