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    Hi everyone a Blackberry newbie here.
    I'm an IT student. Each year I spend about 8 months studying IT in Australia, another 3 months staying in China with my family. I'm planning to get a Blackberry Torch 2 or Bold 9900.

    I visit Twitter Facebook Youtube more than daily, you might have known that those services are blocked in China, on my laptop I use OpenVPN.

    I heard that Blackberry is unable to connect to PPTP or L2TP or OpenVPN, but BES and BIS are available as proxy servers.

    Most of the time I will use my Blackberry on home Wifi, probably will never use mobile-network when I'm in China.

    According to my understanding of BIS, it is run by mobile-network carrier, those Chinese mobile companies definitely have blocked access to those websites.

    With some research, I heard that there are BES hosting companies in many countries outside China.

    So I wonder, if I use a BES hosting service:
    1. Can I use BES through Wifi on Blackberry?
    2. When I connect to a hosted BES, does all Internet traffic route through BES so I can access the blocked sites?
    3. If I need to use BES through mobile network, does my mobile network carrier need to know about it?
    4. Could you please suggest a budget BES hosting provider?

    Thank you indeed for your attention!
    08-02-11 03:37 AM
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    1 - yes, you can use BES on wifi
    2. I believe all internet traffic is routed via the BES server, but that could be dependent on setup of the server.
    3. Yes your mobile network will need to know about BES as you will require a BES data plan on your account.
    4. What do you consider budget? Office365 will be offering free BES hosting on their service, Mail For Exchange is another service. But it will all depend on what you need, where you are based etc. But bare in mind that the cost of enabling your mailbox for BES (with the exception of Office365, I think its normally roughly $9.99 a month) you will also have to pay for BES data.
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    08-02-11 05:10 AM
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    thanks James.

    btw I heard that no every app which uses Internet access can access the Internet through WIFI, is that true? does that mean when I am not connected to mobile network, some Internet apps will malfunction?

    also I don't quite get it, why mobile network carrier needs to know when I use BES? Is that because RIM collects money from BES service? In that case, if I use BES only though Wifi, RIM doesn't earn any money from it does it?
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    08-02-11 06:18 AM
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    I'm not sure on whether there are certain apps that are not able to use the wifi.

    On your carrier needing to know you use BES, your carrier are the ones who provide the service books to your blackberry that tell it how to connect to RIM's servers and therefore BES.
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    08-02-11 07:47 AM
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    Pretty sure that with BIS and/or BES, all your traffic goes through them.
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    08-02-11 08:48 AM
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    Your blackberry connects to the bes serverr, annd the bes server connects it to. The internet, not like the bb cconnects itself to the bes and boom you are online , no it still have to connect to your service provider but they would have no control over anything whatsoever, just connect you to the internet/rim servers , while bis, they control the app you use,can block websites e.t.c

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    08-02-11 09:13 AM