1. alludba's Avatar
    I feel like things would have gone differently if Blackberry had included BBM voice (and the new features released in the recent BBM update) when they first released BBM on iOS and Android. A lot of my friends who were ex-blackberry users downloaded BBM and they were all excited. However one week later after the hype went down, they just went back to using Whatsapp because at that point Whatsapp could almost do whatever BBM did so they didn't see the need to stick to BBM. If BBM had Voice when it was first released on iOS and Android, then they definitely would have had a strong reason to stick to BBM because of that cool feature. It will be hard to get their attention again and convince them to use BBM again just for the voice feature... Especially since Whatsapp is getting voice-calling this summer. What do you guys think?
    02-27-14 01:59 AM
  2. southlander's Avatar
    No offense but "ifs" don't count for much.

    Aside from that I think the messaging features are why most folks would stick with it. The voice stuff is secondary. Unless someone wants to use it in place of say Skype or something.

    02-27-14 02:12 AM

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