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    We have 2 BlackBerries - a 9700 and 9900. We use BESx to interface with Exchange. From my understanding BESx sends the emails to BIS which sends it to the BlackBerries.

    If BBRY go bust, presumably BIS would stop working. So I have 2 paperweights? Am I missing something?

    I realise the QNX phones can use ActiveSync, so no problem, but what happens to those of us with older phones dependent upon BIS?

    Please don't turn this into a conversation about whether or not BBRY will turn things around - plenty of places to discuss that!
    09-23-13 09:58 AM
  2. Roo Zilla's Avatar
    It is most likely that the network services division of BlackBerry will be sold off as a complete and working unit. That basically means BIS will continue to work. A future operator could very well continue to sell it's services to places where it's popular like the Middle East and Indonesia. If I lived in those places I'd get a BIS app just for unrestricted internet access.
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    09-23-13 10:04 AM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    No one really knows!

    This is one reason why the news is SO bad. We don't know if BB will be able restructure themselves as a smaller company. We don't know if a buyer is really interested in BB. We don't know if there is a buyer, what portions of the company they will want to keep - what they will sell - what they will just scrape.

    BIS is a dying network... unless someone decides to keep making BBOS devices longer than BB has planned. The subscriber base has been shrinking quite drastically the last few quarters. But BBM could reinvigorate BIS....

    BlackBerry's network could be shut down a year from now, or it might be in use for years to come. We just don't know.

    That uncertainty is going to hurt sales of devices from this point forward. So expect Q3 to look worse than Q2, unless a deal is made and someone with the perceived strength and money comes in and reassures everyone.
    09-23-13 10:14 AM

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