1. adamsdar's Avatar
    This post is for someone on the BlackBerry OS team to read and see if it's possible to implement.

    Ok, the calendar is amazing on the BlackBerry 10 platform. Here's the situation. I have a meeting from 9AM to 10AM. In my meetings I don't want to be disturbed.
    Is it possible to have my phone recognize that I'm in a meeting and silence my calls. This could be an integrated calendar function. It would also be nice to select priority contacts that could override the silenced feature(the boss is calling, or some other very important BBM that relates to the meeting you are in).

    This would be a very important feature for me as I'm in and out of meetings and don't want to be disturbed. Also if I silence my phone I often forget about till well after the meeting...

    The BlackBerry calendar is so powerful and I want to see it continue to develop.

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    12-29-13 08:20 AM
  2. Gatmyer's Avatar
    A silence for a set amount of time would also be handy
    12-29-13 08:22 AM
  3. Superbuddy2007's Avatar
    Very good idea. Shoretel Communicator software does this with Outlook so it would be a welcoming addition to BB10.

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    12-29-13 08:22 AM
  4. middbrew's Avatar
    I too really like this idea. You might go over to BlackBerry.com and send in your suggestion. With BBRY wanting to focus on the business side of things I can see this getting done.
    12-29-13 08:25 AM
  5. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Legacy Bedside Mode already had this but BlackBerry somehow forgot it in the transition to BB10, along with many other useful features.
    12-29-13 08:34 AM
  6. adamsdar's Avatar
    I've sent an email to BlackBerry however it's ideas like this that sometimes end up never make it to the people that should see it.

    Kevin or anyone else in the CrackBerry leadership, can you pass this along to the folks that should see it and determine if it's feasible?

    Posted my amazing intelligent Z0
    12-29-13 08:35 AM
  7. johnnyuk's Avatar
    It's a good idea. The best place to suggest it is the BlackBerry Beta Zone in the BB10 Community forum:


    They run polls there of ideas people have suggested so that people can vote on the new features they'd like to see implemented.

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    12-29-13 08:45 AM
  8. adamsdar's Avatar
    I've gone to the BlackBerry beta site but cannot find out were to go to submit my idea there. I also cannot click on the link you provided

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    12-29-13 09:15 AM
  9. eldricho's Avatar
    Add it as feedback in the Beta Zone app and choose new features upon sending

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    12-29-13 09:17 AM
  10. johnnyuk's Avatar
    I've gone to the BlackBerry beta site but cannot find out were to go to submit my idea there. I also cannot click on the link you provided

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    Sorry the link got mangled:


    Join the "Global BlackBerry 10 Community" Program then go to Discussions and post your idea in the forum as a feature request.

    Using the Beta Zone app from BlackBerry World to submit your Feature Request as feedback is also a very good suggestion.

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    12-29-13 10:29 AM
  11. just_luc's Avatar
    Definitely a great idea.

    Something like a check box when you add the appointment for 'do not disturb' that automatically puts your phone into either silent, vibrate, or phone calls only for the duration of the appointment.

    I like that a lot.

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    12-29-13 10:39 AM
  12. BBPandy's Avatar
    Yea I'm hoping they bring all those things with 10.3 when they (hopefully) finally bring back profiles.

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    12-29-13 02:06 PM
  13. Unidentified User's Avatar
    Profile Changer does it already.

    When you have an appointment with the "busy" status, it goes into silent mode during that time. It should be noted, that Profile Changer only works with new appointments, ones that were created or re-saved after Profile Changer has been installed.

    It's priced at 2?.

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    01-26-14 05:29 PM
  14. Ben1232's Avatar
    Hub++ app has the Flip Shush feature. Flip your BlackBerry to silence all alerts.

    Posted from my Z30 via the CB app
    01-26-14 05:35 PM
  15. deptech's Avatar
    I also like this feature, it would be nice if BlackBerry had a formal method for accepting customer inspired ideas, perhaps a department that would process the ideas such that some would get implemented. This is a common practice for some companies I deal with, they even identify them as "customer inspired".

    Z30 on in Canada
    01-26-14 05:37 PM
  16. Granrey's Avatar
    I have my phone in silence mode 24/7. ......Notifications through smartwatch........

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 11:28 PM

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