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    I just had a look at the nokia e72 and man I wish rim would build a phone like that.
    At the moment I can't give up blackberry push email but in the future I might be persuaded.
    I just wish rim would concentrate in building one better device instead of lots of mix and match ones.
    Sometimes I think they're having a laugh, you can have wifi but no gps, 3g but no wifi etc.
    I invite you to look at the e72 specs and challenge you not to want one

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    09-08-09 04:30 AM
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    I myself am not a fan. I don't actually like the way the symbian os is, and just not a nokia fan in general. I don't like the format or anything. Don't get me wrong its a nice phone but its just not my thing. but I'm sure rim will have a phone with 3g, wifi, and gps. But if I remember right, and correct me if I'm wrong, a lot of the no wifi, no 3g, and/or no gps is all based on the service provider? Nokia makes phones that you can buy that are never "signed" to a carrier. The bold is att, tour is verizon and sprint etc. But the e72 isn't carrier locked as far as I know. I know they can be unlocked but that's not my point.

    Oh and the bold...has gps wifi and 3g...isn't that what you said you liked about the e72?

    Edit: this was kind of interesting. Tour vs e72. Both have their better parts.

    BlackBerry Tour vs Nokia E72: The Battle For Business - PC World - Mobile link

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    I'm not really a fan of the symbian os either, I do prefer the blackberry os.
    Just look at the quality and robustness of the nokia tho, and the difference is in the detail, fm radio, office as standard, text to speech as standard etc. That is one gorgeous phone.
    And the desktop manager is 100 times better then the blackberry, you can open and edit your address book, send and receive sms, use the phone as modem, instaling apps is really easy. Ovi is brilliant with support for files so you can go in your computer from anywhere.
    That's my point, everything is standard with nokia.
    As I said, no matter how much I like that phone tho, I will not leave blackberry as I'd rather have the instant emails.
    I just wish rim will concentrate on building less but better phones. As somebody put it in this forum, no more hardware, more software.

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    09-08-09 08:53 AM