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    Hi ....my first post
    I am from Portugal and I am thinking,....dreaming of buying a BB bold, however I have a few doubts that I need to clarify...
    In Portugal we have 3 operators (tmn, optimus and vodafone) and all of them offers blackberry services... but at different prices...
    Tmn offers a bb BIS light service for 7,5 month with 5 mb of capacity, all the other are unlimited and expensive... for me
    The thing is ...I will be using internet on the Bold at work and home through a WIFI connection... and when I am not at work or home I will use the operator connection to mail and web. My question is ... Is 5 mb a reasonable capacity for me?? how many emails and web pages can I "download" with 5mb ??

    03-15-09 03:46 PM
  2. ndnoutlaw's Avatar
    hmm....don't know. however, you might want to check to see which carrier or device offers out of country coverage. if you work or deal out of country that might be a factor for you. if you work in country and have a lighter work load, sync your device regularly, Tmn might be good for you. I have family with vodafone and they love it. they are world travelers however.
    03-15-09 04:26 PM
  3. dskid807's Avatar
    5MB is almost nothing for most people. I could use 5mb in around 10 mins if I was browsing the web, while on MSN on my BB. BBs eat data like it's going out of fashion. I doubt 5mb could last anyone at all a month, even with mostly wi-fi.
    03-15-09 05:16 PM
  4. AJ_Franklin's Avatar
    If you are able to get most of your email and internet services delivered by WiFi then you may slide with that minimum plan. I don't see BB as being a great choice if you are on a very limited budget. Many other phones can get your needs handled a lot cheaper, though not as efficiently, as a BB.
    Good luck with your decision.

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    03-15-09 06:19 PM
  5. linuxmad's Avatar
    Thank you all for your answers... The thing is I am in love with bold... a few years ago I had a nokia communicator and after that a hp ipaq 6515.. The nokia was ok...but like a brick...the hp and that crappy OS (windows CE) was a piece of junk....so I am trying to find something decent a ...BLACKBERRY... Windows mobile is out of the question!!!!
    TMN states that BB BIS light (5 mb) will give the customer the opportunity to send 2000 e-mails and browse 200 web pages..
    What do you think?
    03-16-09 04:42 AM
  6. anon(375378)'s Avatar
    The question is...how much web browsing are "you" going to do? This device is addictive. If you can't get unlimited internet, it can become very costly if you can't control your usage. Try to find the best BIS service that you can comfortably afford, that has the most internet usage. Then "try" to contain your new addiction. Lol, good luck.

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    03-16-09 05:39 AM
  7. skyrider007's Avatar
    Have a look at Vodafone, they have a good deal on BIS. I pay nothing for BIS on my contract and I get unlimited data!
    03-16-09 05:41 AM
  8. janx's Avatar
    depends on the websites you visit. if its graphically heavy, highly doubt the 5mb will last you, but if its all plain txt, you just may be able to scrape by.
    03-16-09 06:13 AM
  9. Norsk's Avatar
    If the monthly cost is prohibitive, perhaps your money would be better spent on a cheaper phone? I mean, I know we all want nice toys and stuff, but if you can only afford 5 mb a month, you really aren't getting a Bold for what it was meant for.
    03-16-09 06:17 AM
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