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    i just realized how much time i spend advertising rim products. this is almost part time job now. i totally think it is stupid because no one pays me for it. yet today i both tweeted and facebooked (is that even a word) about rim $77 offer and how great bb social feed is (rim you rock). when somebody is thinking about switching to iphone i cannot make myself not to say that os7 is way better and they should try it first. i had long word fight on facebook when friend wanted to know opinion if going to iphone is good. ten dudes said go for iphone and of course i said get os7 and playbook etc. or wait for os10 etc.etc. etc.

    bottom line is. rim needs to get creative in advertising. spend money on it. show unique differences between competition. rim promotions are boring. if there is one thing that rim should take from apple is marketing. come up with something as bright and cool as mac vs pc ads.

    rim should have an army of dudes who sit all they long on all those social sites and straight up facts and dismiss all the lies and misinformations that are all over the internet about blackberry and playbook.

    truth is that garbage will sell with proper marketing and
    blackerry products are solid and top of the line in many ways imo.

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    04-05-12 09:13 AM
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    BB10 will be a hot phone and that will do the most to change the perception of RIM
    04-05-12 07:21 PM
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    Looking for a short term job are you
    04-07-12 09:14 AM
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    Looking for a short term job are you
    You're on a bit of a tear today, aren't you?

    Some of us come here to read, learn, and make a positive contribution. It's really nice outside; perhaps your time would be better spent getting some fresh air, instead of making it gloomy in here.
    04-07-12 09:50 AM