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    Okay first off yeah sorry I know like you haven't read about 6 000 000 RIM is dead threads today with out me adding to the fire.

    I'm not really saying that I think RIM is dead because I don't even if the worst happens I think we will still see RIM alive in some shape or form.

    However I believe that a fall release is very important to the stock price, I know that there are FAR more factors affecting the stock price and I'm suggesting a very simplistic view of things but lets compare. RIM has said that BB10 will be out in Q1 2013 Jan, Feb, March and lets say that they get BB10 out sometime in February thats roughly 8 months from now.

    Now lets go back 8 months to November 2011 the RIMM stock was trading at $20.20 and has been in steady decline up until today's price of $7.39 meaning that RIM's share price is going down something like $1.60 per month. Since we won't be seeing the launch of BB10 in the fall lets say that the stock doesn't get that extra boost we were hoping to see and it continues its decline at $1.60 ever month. By the time that BB10 launches the share will be worth nothing.

    As I said before this scenario is VASTLY SIMPLIFIED and I know that a stock's price is never as unified as I have made it out to be and I would bet that RIM's share will be worth something just not very much if this goes the way I'm thinking.

    Just my thoughts...so yeah dont be too harsh
    06-29-12 06:38 PM
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    Sad but true, the stocks are in the toilet, just a saw youtube video that basically plays out like your post.
    I hope Rim aint another Enron or palm episode.
    Then again if sagem and alcatel and other weird brands names still sell somehow, why not a berry.
    06-29-12 07:01 PM
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    You are going to have two more miserable earnings calls before BB10 launches to drag the stock down further for each of those, and you have know way of knowing that BB10 won't slip past Q1 2013 as Thor has just taken the first major hit on his credibility and RIM has instantly gone from a clean slate to more of the same (part of the reason Mike and Jim had to leave was they had zero credibility from constantly not delivering). If they start eating into a single dime of that $2.2 Billion before BB10 launches the bottom will completely fall out of the stock IMHO. They will be lucky if the stock is above $3 a share when BB10 releases based on the fact they are predicting continued drops in service revenue. I've been very positive about RIM since Thor took over, gave them a clean slate, but yesterday just kicked the wind out of me, and a clean slate isn't as forgiving, especially when you do the same things you did before it got wiped. Seriously RIM can you not get a QNX device that does e-mail, BBM and web in peoples hands before Q1? No new platform launches complete, and perfection is unattainable.
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    06-29-12 07:06 PM