1. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Now that AT&T has announced 9/25 as the MMS launch date for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, data usage is going to increase significantly over their network. Even with their infrastructure investments, it's still going to be a strain.

    But when the iPhone eventually goes to other carriers (not if, but when), I think it will relieve some of the burden from us AT&T BB (and other smartphone) customers. It should then transfer some of that burden onto the other carriers as users flee the "awful" AT&T network. Then the other carriers can feel some of the strain that we have felt, and we AT&T custs can get some relief.

    The result, in theory, will be an improved overall experience with our BBs. Hopefully it will mean fewer dropped calls and outages with increased bandwidth and throughput performance.

    Of course, LTE and/or WiMax will be the biggest help, but that won't come for another 2-3 years for most of us.
    09-04-09 12:20 PM