1. poppycross001's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm hoping for some help and advice.

    I've been following the Launch since before Christmas and have been waiting patiently for the release... luckily Iím in the UK so have the opportunity to buy straight away.

    I currently own a Motorola Atrix and decided quite some time ago I would not buy another Android device, in truth it was only a temporary device while I waited patiently for BlackBerry 10 to be released. One thing I have been impressed with are the accessories accompanying the Atrix when I received it, especially the Atrix Car Dock. I use this every day, it is incredibly handy when travelling, also while it's docked it charges the phone and looks quite stylish while it's doing it. I haven't found any 'attractive' car docks for the Z10, as of yet, and Iím wondering if anyone knows if we are likely to see any?

    Also another everyday must is my BlackBerry Visor Mount, does anyone know if BlackBerry are releasing a BlackBerry 10 Model with extra features, as the Visor Mount is getting on a bit now?

    I am also a heavy Spotify user and have been trawling the internet looking for any indication when an app will be released, does anyone have any info?

    I really want a Z10 but don't want it sliding all over my car, potentially getting damaged. I also want to be able to answer calls with ease when driving, i.e. the phone being attached to something in front if my face!

    At the Launch I was expecting to see more about the direction BlackBerry want to take with their new 'Mobile Computing Platform'. I wanted to see how their new phones will interact with QNX powered cars etc, different accessories that would complement the devices, interactions between devices and Laptops/PC's/Tablets, especially the Playbook (which I own).

    What are everyoneís thoughts?
    02-02-13 03:13 AM
  2. PedroBorgas's Avatar

    There are universal phone car holders. Just try one at your local store, and then search amazon.co.uk for a similar,but less expensive!

    There's always a way, when the will is great

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk
    02-02-13 03:29 AM

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