1. BThunderW's Avatar
    I love my 9900. If BB10 is a flop and RIM folds I have no idea where to turn. I've been carrying a Galaxy Nexus with me for web/video/games but I hate typing on Android with a passion. Don't get me started on the iOS.

    It looks like RIM may have a solid product, I just hope the media and "powers that be" don't bury it. Too many fanboys out there. I spoke with a lot of people about BB10, a lot of them HATE BB and will have none of it, a lot of them want to see RIM gone. It's hard to convince people that having more choice in mobile is a good thing.

    That is all.
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    12-01-12 10:34 PM
  2. CairnsRock's Avatar
    They will do well if its not buggy. Hopefully the delay gave them time to get it right
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    12-01-12 10:52 PM
  3. xSt0rmTroop3Rx's Avatar
    I guess it really depends on your definition. I'm sure 90% of this forum will agree that its "all that," despite the few bugs its bound to have. The possibility of getting one has become more solidified in my future so I'm nothing but smiles
    12-02-12 03:12 AM
  4. Specwire's Avatar
    RIM needs BB10 to be "all that" or it might be lights out.

    My military job has basically phased out Blackberry except for a few legacy units and replacements, and my civilian job is dumping Blackberry altogether in Q1 2013 and going all Apple.

    A commercial hit is not optional at this point.
    12-02-12 03:16 AM

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