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    To be honest, its hard for me to write this post, but I feel I have to so the Blackberry community can see.

    Ive been a longtime, diehard Blackberry fan since i first got hired by a telco and still today with this telco. It was 2004. My employer handed me a 6750. It was the coolest thing ever and the smartphone craze wasnt even there yet but you had a blackberry and whatever it was, it was cool, you just new it.

    Jumped from the 6750 to the 7250 and man that was even cooler. Color screen. But once I jumped to the Blackberry Curve then to the World Edition CDMA 8830, it was all over. RIM was on another level the smartphone game started to become a hit in the business market and slowly entering the consumer space.

    I was Blackberry for life.

    Then came the dreaded guys with the phone with no buttons. How could you make a phone with no buttons. For business?? Forget about it.
    I stood by the RIM product in any conversation I had about smartphones, I would always go back to "Keyboard and BBM" when confronted with why iPhone is superior then Blackberry and gives more options to the end user.

    At the end of the day I saw the iPhone had a niche market and did not anticipate it to climb over RIM as fast as it has.

    Blackberry people, it has and its so far ahead of the game.

    I dont think RIM can catch up. Its sad. I sell to the small and medium business market and for years 95% of sales to this market has been a RIM product. Today its 40% and dropping. Apple and Android are the conversations we are having with clients not because we force it, but the clients are asking. They are seeing the BES option not being a big deal as the other OS' are taking strong stances on their security and business' are realizing the capability the platforms of iOS and android have. Keyboards are no longer an issue and touch screens and being accepted in business.

    Now saying all of this, my employer gave me a day with an iPhone 4 when it first came out so I decided to play with it.

    I was so scared.

    I loved the thing so much that I felt I shouldnt play with it any longer as I could see my Bold 9700 staring back at my with droopy eyes.
    Went back to the Blackberry and started to have withdrawles of the iPhone and it's ever so appealing look and options.

    My boss gave me the iPhone back and said keep playing with it.
    And so that was the end of the Blackberry reign......

    7 years, I trusted on a device that gave me what I needed, a device i pushed to all my family and friends as if it itself was family to me, now I have given into having a device that gave me what I needed and then some.
    Everyone has their opinions but at the end of the day try something before you make an assumption. Even though BBM was a big part of my life, I no longer miss it at all. Plenty of messaging options out there that enough people around me are using besides it.

    The shift is happening now and I waited as long as a loyal Blackberry fan could wait for a new device that would blow my socks off, that would not power off on its own, that would give me a frustrating hour glass when trying to do multiple tasks, but they failed, and we all know they failed, and that's why people are loosing their jobs at RIM, stock is falling and I only see a buy out happening soon.

    It's sad, cause I still have a place for RIM in my heart especially as a Canadian, but at the end of the day, the demise will be because of innovation, and unfortunately RIM just didnt have the brains to do it.

    I love my iPhone and will never look back, for now, this thing does everything I need and then some!!!!

    All the best to RIM and Mr. Balsillie and company. I wish them nothing but future success with either RIM or a new venture.

    For 7 years of enjoyment, thank you Blackberry.
    But its 2011, and I think its about time I moved on.

    To the Crackberry community, you have been awesome, and truly is the only thing I miss about Blackberry!

    Kevin and team, great job gentlemen. Upmost respect for your dedication to this site and its users.
    06-22-11 03:31 PM
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    Great post! Love the honesty and hearing a comparison from someone who has been a dedicated user for so many years. The very large global company I work for just announced that they have finally cracked under the pressure from executives and employees, and will allow iPhone/iPad access for email, calendar, and contacts. We have always been told No.Not.Never so this development put RIMs current standing into perspective for me. Our executives don't fit into the stereotypical iPhone user description, so the fact that they were pushing for iPhone was shocking. Our IT department has been running a pilot for awhile and we're told that they are confident with the security aspect so it's a go. I'm gonna miss my little red notification light, but carrying around two phones is a pain!!! With 7 years of BB experience, I think you would still add value to the conversation here so I hope your aren't going to far.

    Enjoy you iPhone, it's a really great device.
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    Whatever. You have 9 whole posts. Not sure why you felt the need to post a "Farewell Cruel Blackberry!" thing. There is a thread for these kinds of posts. Not sure why you ignored it, but see ya!

    Aren't you a welcoming soul.

    Since you are a mod, did you ever think that maybe he posted this as part of the post was a very kind compliment to Kevin and crew and maybe he didn't want it missed? I did the same thing when I switched platforms for the same reason (of course, back them I wasn't attacked for it but CB has changed unfortunately). As a mod, you surely know that all people are welcome here. As a mod, surely you know that post count doesn't mean they haven't been a long term user/lurker of the site - ****, he's been a member here longer than YOU have. Not everyone likes to post on message boards day in and day out (or the time for that matter).

    Oh wait, you aren't a mod?

    So why are you telling people who has the right/doesn't have the right to use this board? And why are you telling them where they are permitted to post?
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    ^^^Mod's aren't obligated to be "welcoming" . Berrywriter although is obligated to enforce forum rules and CB forum etiquette.
    06-22-11 04:27 PM
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    I say its all about personal preference and not because of how the company is doing.

    Enjoy your iPhone

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    06-22-11 04:29 PM
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    ^^^Mod's aren't obligated to be "welcoming" . Berrywriter although is obligated to enforce forum rules and CB forum etiquette.
    Berrywriter isn't a mod. That was my point.
    06-22-11 04:33 PM
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    As a mod, surely you know that post count doesn't mean they haven't been a long term user/lurker of the site - ****, he's been a member here longer than YOU have. Not everyone likes to post on message boards day in and day out (or the time for that matter).
    Such a true statement!! I got my first BB (a curve) years ago. I lurked so long that I was shocked to discover I hadn't registered when I finally went to actually post something Either memberships prior to 2006/2007 disappeared, or I've really been lurking just that long
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    06-22-11 04:34 PM
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    The whole idea that because someone only has 9 posts means their opinion (in this case a well thought out multiple platform long history with BB opinion) doesn't matter really irked me.

    Especially when they have been a member of the board since 2008.
    06-22-11 04:40 PM
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    Directing someone towards a proper forum for posting is not a mod specific task. Anyone can do it. There is, in fact a thread for that.

    Pretty much as how there is a thread for showing off your screen.
    06-22-11 04:51 PM
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    It was more an issue with the "you only have 9 posts so STFU" aspect, to be honest. LOL.

    I hate that.
    06-22-11 04:52 PM
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    Come on people get along! Whats the big deal? BW is correct but it really not worth getting in a tiff over!

    Thread closed to avoid further flaming and disagreement.
    06-22-11 04:56 PM