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    basically a month ago i dropped my blackberry onto the floor and i picked it up it wasnt in pieces or apart it looked ok after texting some people i realise that sum of my keys arent working okk (R T F G V B) on a keyboard the go down 3 and down 3 next to it ! and a few days ago i did some research and they asked me if i had it near water and i said no beacause my indicators were white ok and i did some more research and they said take it apart to the keyboard membrane and clean it i have just done that aswell as buying a new bb keyboard membrane sticker thingy i placed it on after cleaning it and drying it put it back together and same problem no keys are fixed also im on pay as you go im in the uk and yehh thats all who ever helps me fix this would be a legend becuz its been bothering me for ages and im starting to run out of choices any ideas ! cheerz
    10-13-11 01:31 PM
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    Sound like your internal hardware shifted. Worst case you could send it in for a professional repair. Desperate fix would be dropping it again and let it impact in the opposite direction as the first. Sorry to hear about your accident. Good luck.

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    10-13-11 09:28 PM