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    I want to download a file that is hosted on Hotfile.com. Now, I have tried the BB Browser and keep getting an "entity too large" error. The file I want to download is like 14MB. I have tried using Bolt, and when I get to the download page, it asks me if I want to download using the Free or paid service. I choose to login in and then try the download again and it shows that I am actively logged into the hotfile.com service but still shows me the option to download using either free or paid service. Its like it doesn't recognize my cookie like when I'm logged in on a computer. What gives??? Also i have tried Opera mini and using that, I'm not even able to login on the hotfile.com website because Opera will not highlight the "login/sign up" button at the top...What else can I try in order to download a file onto my blackberry??? Is there a download manager app somewhere? Thanks.

    Also, I know that I could just download this file on a pc but im at work so downloads are not permitted. So I need a solution to use on my phone. Thanks.
    07-03-10 04:52 AM
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    Sounds like it wants your money, then it will let you download. The file doesn't sound like it's too large. I have downloaded files over twice that size without problem.

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    07-03-10 04:36 PM