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    Several things to think about:

    1. I am ready for a Verizon upgrade from my Storm 2. While I am about to go to the dark side for a Galaxy Nexus because I want the big screen, 4G, apps that work for my business, etc. I still feel loyal to BB and am also looking at the 9850 (no 4G, smaller screen, single processor, out dated - with no hope for upgrade OS). With the games Verizon is playing with data packages, I think that BB efficient data transfers is going to be a major player. I can upgrade through Radio Shack for free. Which would help easy the pain and leave me monies for:

    2. A 16 gb Playbook. Kind of the same issues. Lack of good business apps to do what I need - pdf markups in the field. However, I am seeing some developers starting to take notice to this issue.

    If I go to the Nexus, I cannot afford the tablet too.

    What to do-----

    How unhappy will I be waiting until I finally get my next upgrade TWO long years from now for 4G?

    PS - Anyone need a Landscape Architect / Land Planner with a broad background?

    12-01-11 07:30 PM
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    I made a similar upgrade from Storm to Torch 9850 + Playbook with no regrets, although our uses may not be the same.

    I find the 9850 to be fast and browsing on the PB to be the same. THe 9850 was an easy transition and I love the speed & screen compared to the Storm - have used it now for 6-8 weeks. Just added the PB 10 days ago - what a nice addition. Love the instant-on capability and have stoopped carrying my laptop a lot of places. If cost is important, you will like using the PB without an additional monthly fee.

    For me, I am fine until the February OS upgrade because I have no big complaints today - and then it will just be better. (Would I love to have better editing and spellcheck on the PB - sure. But I seem to get by without it).

    I have not used it, but read of developers running Repligo Reader on OS2 who are happy - that will be February for those of us not up at the front yet.

    Your question about not getting 4G speeds for a while - can't help you there. 3G is so much faster than the Storm that I am satisfied at least for now. BTW I woudl consider a 32GB PB unless you utilize one of the Cloud storage options.

    There will always be something in the future coming, no matter when you buy. As a wise person on CB once wrote - buy it for now and get the use/value out of it. You can't keep looking to the next big thing that is not here yet.
    12-01-11 09:19 PM