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    Has anyone got all four (contacts, email, task and memos) setup and working smoothly? I have several accounts but will only add my main email account until I fully understand how it all works. I am coming from the Torch, things seem to run differently with BB10/Z30.

    I don't have any events in my calendar. I did a transfer but that did not work out.


    1. aded a birthday to a contact and thought it would automatically be in the calendar, wasn't there.

    2. don't remember if it is task or memos but it transferred over to the Remember app.

    3. I have double contacts and within a contacts info phone numbers and other information
    doubles and sometimes triples.

    I did a backup so I will go back to that and start over. This time I will assume my default email and calendar choice is outlook.com.

    please advise if your setup is working fine.

    equipment and software
    office 365
    01-26-14 09:22 PM
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    All works well with my Z30, got 6 email accounts and of that 6,two are Corporate calendar syncs fine. However the double entries was a problem, had to go thru them and delete manually the double entries, still haven't cleaned them all up just yet ) over 1200 contacts here, the same issue is present on my Z10

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    01-26-14 10:25 PM
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    I found that coming from BBOS it is best to use either a cloud restore ie Google or an app. I used to be a BES admin and had issues with the vast majority of data transfers from BBOS to BB10.

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    01-26-14 10:32 PM

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