1. RazorMan's Avatar
    Ok i have been with sprint for about 3 years now and i have upgade to the pearl 8130 back in nov of last year... I was told right from the get go that there will be a software update for me to be able to pick mail soon... (thats from sprint a year ago) As time when on i was told dates that this software was going to come out as time went on there was still no software for me to be able to do pick mail.. Im very up set that sprint will not hook me up with a discount on a new phone or even swap me a phone that was able to do true pick mail. So im calling it quits im so upset that the sprint big wigs will not help out us bb users

    if any one would like to talk about this my pin is in my profile hit me up any time if you wanna talk
    11-05-08 12:37 PM
  2. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I don't see Sprint enabling MMS on a BlackBerry for awhile...
    11-05-08 12:40 PM
  3. latina berry's Avatar
    I don't see Sprint enabling MMS on a BlackBerry for awhile...
    I agree!!!
    11-05-08 12:45 PM
  4. RazorMan's Avatar
    yikes im out im going to swap my bb out then
    11-05-08 01:40 PM
  5. berry me with it's Avatar
    Why don't you just switch carriers?
    11-05-08 05:40 PM
  6. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    My roommate and I have the same Berry and close to the same plan (unlimited) and i pay like 5 bucks more a month than him. He has Sprint and I have Verizon...
    11-05-08 05:43 PM
  7. berry me with it's Avatar
    And I'm sure you're much happier..
    11-05-08 05:46 PM
  8. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I am, been with Verizon 6 years now and any issue I ever had was handled very professionally. Great service...
    11-05-08 05:49 PM
  9. berry me with it's Avatar
    Glad to hear it!
    11-05-08 05:55 PM
  10. AVService's Avatar
    I called Sprint the other day to ask a simple question or so I thought.I hung up in disgust....again seeing no answer in my future.

    Afew days later I receive a computer call wanting my opinion of the service I received in the call.

    After I answered even the computer could tell I was mad so they said I would get a call from someone in the "Priority" call group in 5-7 days!

    They must really not understand or care at all.
    11-05-08 06:13 PM