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    Not sure if I'm supposed to do this but I found it and wanted to post it since it had a pic. If I'm not supposed to please delete it and I apologize.

    Anyways Curve 2 be out really soon

    Leaked Verizon Holiday Lineup Reveals BlackBerry Curve2
    October 27th, 2009 by Christopher Meinck
    If you have one of the best selling smartphones of all time, then of course you follow it up with a successor. Enter the BlackBerry Curve2 and it’s coming to Verizon in time for the holidays. The Curve2, or 85XX series, will feature WiFi and comes with Flickr and Facebook pre-installed.

    That leaves the BlackBerry Tour lacking WiFi, while the Storm2 and Curve2 both offering that feature. One has to wonder why RIM and/or Verizon decided not to include WiFi on one of the higher end BlackBerry devices. In any event, the Curve2 is coming to Verizon in time for the holidays. No word on pricing as of yet.
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