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    So After Being With Sprint For Almost Ten Years And Three Blackberries I Decided To Give T Mobile A Try On June 27th I Hated It, The 8900 Was Nice But The Service Was Horrible Everywhere I Went I Live In New York City. Anyway I Sold The Phone Last Week On Craigslist For $280 To Cover The Etf From T Mobile And Placed A Order For New Service With Sprint At Letstalk.com On The 31st Of August And Paid For Overnight Shipping, I Still Haven't Received It I'm Really Getting Mad Now Cause Lets Talk It Taking Too Long To Ship This Phone Everyday They Tell Me Its Going To Ship And It Dosnt I Don't Know What To Do Anymore. Hopefully Today Is The Day And I'll Get It Tomorrow. Any Suggestions As To What Should Be The First Thing I Do With My Tour?
    09-03-09 02:33 PM
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    I Didn't Bother To Read Because Typing Like This Is Stupid

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    09-03-09 02:36 PM
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    09-03-09 02:40 PM
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    Explore The Keyboard To Find The Caps Key So You Can Continue To Annoy Others.

    More seriously, while you charge the battery to maximum, install the Desktop Manager and setup/migrate your email, addressbook, calendars using the device switch widget. Then enjoy the new phone.
    09-03-09 03:13 PM
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    Let's Talk is horrible when it comes to shipping. You pay for overnight shipping but it takes them a week to actually ship it out.
    09-03-09 03:18 PM
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    NoahfFecks,Yes i realized that i hate the fact they can't just be honest and say hey the phone will ship in a week or so, the reps keep saying hey its shipping today around 6 you can expect it tommrowo but they just keep giving me the run around. if it dosn't ship by today im going to cancel despite the fact that phone only came out to $134.99 because of a 15 dollar coupon i had.
    Branta, I regret that i didn't sync the phone in that past couple of weeks up to the sale and about 10 new contacts that where only on the phone have been lost due to my irresponsibilty to back up every once in a while.
    09-03-09 03:36 PM
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    Sudden panic to find the USB cable. You reminded me... its a few weeks here too. Thanks.

    The rest of the advice stands - charge it, use it, enjoy it.
    09-03-09 03:42 PM
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    HAHA, Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to TRY to hold my excitement and let it charge before i use it.

    I checked the status of it on Letstalk.com today and it looks like its shipping to day its moved on the the packing stage. Only drawback about shipping today Friday is........... Wanna guess?

    I'm not sure if the overnight delivery they offered my includes Saturday delivery and if it doesn't Monday is a holiday.

    What should i do till Tuesday to keep my mind off this phone
    09-04-09 01:22 PM