1. thellen's Avatar
    Why does my blackberry pearl 8130 freeze up when I sometimes make a call...the other party says they can hear me but I can't hear them when the phone says connected......I have to reboot the phone to get it to work again.
    10-07-08 09:23 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Two possible causes. One of which is that perhaps you have recently viewed an MMS which has audio. This can induce a bug in the OS causing the sympton. The second cause could be that you are low on memory. You can check by going to Options > Status. Anything less than 12,000,000 bytes is low.
    10-07-08 09:32 PM
  3. opph20's Avatar
    If this happens again. Activate your voice dialing. This usually will unlock the speaker. I upgraded to 4.5 and it hasn't happend so far.

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    10-07-08 09:43 PM