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    I couldn't access the email associated with my BB 8520 as I'd forgotten the password for my BB email useraccount. It seems that in the process of trying to rectify this by changing the username to my present email address, which worked as I received a reset BB ID email (but my BB kept saying *enter the username associated for this device* which according to what I've Googled you cannot change, as your BB can only have the original username created for it. I then managed to access the original EMAIL address but it seems there now is a confusion regarding my username as my BB asks for the email associated with the device with both usernames and won't accept one of them. I also remember when I managed to eventually access my initial email addres/username for this device inquiring to CHANGE the password..... I was redirected to the BB Web page where you would reset your password But I was asked to confirm that I wanted to delete the password which obviously I did, as I assumed this would give me the option to create a new password Thereafter though the msg followed that this account has been deleted. So I tried accessing my BB with the new email address which I'd entered on my cell phone but no matter which of these usernames I enter I'm asked *please enter username for this device * My BB does not accept either one of the USERNAMES. How do I correct this... I've 1 attempt left. Please Help! I'm no technical guru
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    Figure it out there, not on the phone

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    05-03-15 05:07 AM

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