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    im in the middle of a huge problem where i have become desperate and lost, here is how it all began, first of all i received an alert that a new update is available for my Q5 which is 10.2.1537 when i started to downloanding it i received an error that built in memory is full WHICH IS NOT! secondly i thought in order to get the latest update i had resolve this memory error by WIPING OFF the mobile so i did a FULL DATA BACK UP while it was running OS , and then DID the full WIPE, but it took around 6 HOURS!!!! after the wiping process i tried to download the new update 10.2.1537 and it was successful, i connected my q5 to my laptop and opened blackberry link (latest version) selected the BACK UP FILE which i made before the wipe , BUT IT WAS UNSUCCESSFULL ( the alert message was this : this dats file isn't compatible with the version of the device software that you are currently running, update your device software and try again) WHICH i did downgrade to the previous version OS and tried to restore the data file, but it WOULDNT WORK! please HELP im in desperate need for your help ive got my whole life on this mobile and right now im isolated!

    the following day what happened is, i did try what was mentioned in the link BlackBerry 10. Restoring Backup after a firmware downgrade. i did exactly the same but it FAILED, and i got this error (there could have been a problem with the device or connection during the restore. Verify that the device is turned on and connected) and then device restarts afterwards, hence, i started to get this error message after i updated to latest OS but when i tried to restore the back up when i was running the previous OS the error message was ( the back up isn't compatible etc... ) this is really confusing, my device is working just fine and its properly connected with no problems, ive been searching and looking for solutions all over the internet but no luck , im really exhausted ive been working on my q5 for almost 26 hours, im just praying to get this fixed.
    02-01-14 05:28 PM
  2. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Try using a different computer. Preferably a windows, or you can keep trying using the one you currently use and it will eventually connect for the restore.

    Yes, security wipes take a long time to complete just don't unplug during the process. You said your memory was not full prior to the update but the fact that it took 6 hours to wipe indicates you had lots of stuff there

    Posted via CB10
    02-01-14 05:43 PM
  3. nah.uhh's Avatar
    Use sachesi to restore your backup. You can find sachesi here on the forum. Sachesi ignores that error
    02-01-14 07:03 PM
  4. ameeroudeh's Avatar
    Sachesi I tried to use it but it didn't detect the back up or actually it failed to restore it, any other suggestions please im out of ideas! im lost
    02-05-14 04:56 AM
  5. nah.uhh's Avatar
    Sachesi I tried to use it but it didn't detect the back up or actually it failed to restore it, any other suggestions please im out of ideas! im lost
    Ensure you are logged into bbid on the device
    02-05-14 10:05 AM
  6. ameeroudeh's Avatar
    Ensure you are logged into bbid on the device
    im logged in
    02-07-14 09:28 AM

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