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    I was using my BB (Verizon Perl) with the BIS server for several years. I joined an organization that has a BES server (with Outlook), so prior to joining their infrastructure I backed up my Perl onto my desktop using the BB Destop Manager. I even made a "mini backup" that just has my calendar and contacts (its about 97k).

    I also had to "wipe" the device clean, since I didn't have the "Enterprise Activation" option anymore (I assume this got removed somehow since I was using the BIS environments). Anyway, after doing the "Wipe" I saw Enterprise Activation and was able to simply join the company's BB environment.

    Email and calendar work perfectly - but I need to restore all my contacts. When I plug my Perl into my laptop and try to restore, the "Address Book" is grayed out and I can't restore it to the Perl.

    I can live without my old calendar, but I would *REALLY* like to get the contacts back. What magic is out there to import or get my contacts out of the backup file (its an .ipd file)?!?!?

    Are there any tools to manipulate an .ipd file? Best case would be to bring it into the perl and/or the MS Outlook environment at work. Any tips are most welcome!!!

    05-29-09 04:06 PM
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    when you connect to a BES you probably received a IT Security policy.

    This is often why we say that you should not connect your personal phone to a work environment. (conversation for another day)

    Anyway you may need to talk to your IT department.

    The best way to have done it originally was sync the phone contacts to outlook on your laptop and then once activated sync the contacts back in.
    05-29-09 04:10 PM
  3. ParrotHead123's Avatar
    I'm looking at the "ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter" to convert my file into something that Outlook can read. Has anyone used this tool? Suggestions?

    05-29-09 04:40 PM