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    All theses touchscreen phones are nice and all that, but they are completely ignoring places where touchscreens just aren't as popular, such as Japan or places where a reliable flip phone is more popular than a equally priced touchscreen phone. Hell, this could be a nice device for some people here.

    Admittedly some work would need to be done, but BlackBerry can take BlackBerry 10, strip out the Android runtime, and rework the interface to be non-touch and navigable by the belt of BB7 devices. Not needing to power a huge 720p screen will reduce the processing required, allowing for devices that cost little yet run better than other available devices, and have access to BlackBerry services and features such as BBM and Hub.

    BlackBerry could also include a jvm so that BB7 apps work, but I don't know how much overhead would be required.
    03-25-15 11:24 PM
  2. grahamf's Avatar
    We can bring back the Pearl and the Pearl Flip. Along with the very compact Curve 9360
    03-25-15 11:25 PM
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    While you are at it, change name back to RIM. Put back Mike and Jim as Co CEOs. Party like it is 2008.

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    03-25-15 11:34 PM
  4. Sulaco757's Avatar
    I think the Classic is as backwards as your going to see them go. The Slider better be high spec'd if it wants to run in the full touch market.

    But the Classic is BlackBerry's response to the market you describe. Not a feature flip phone, but reliable specs. I chose BlackBerry because I wanted a reliable cell phone. Most Bold users agree you don't need fancy specs on that kind of device, as long as it's reliable. My experience with a Q10 is they are, outside the Android run time which I avoid. BB10 part runs smoothly though. Texting and typing is must these days, and BlackBerry's strength.

    Not sure how physical keyboard's are accepted in Asia, but perhaps it's time for that niche market to "upgrade". I hope BlackBerry is seen as the reliable phones they've always been.

    As for an integration of BB7 and BB10? Welcome to the club. Buts it's getting there. I respect the QNX guys. Never quite got credit for all that they improved and only got slashed for what they lost from BB7. I want BlackBerry to be around to keep them developing in the mobile market.

     Q10 
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    03-26-15 09:43 AM
  5. Soulstream's Avatar
    I see a few problems with stripping Android runtime from BB10:
    1. a lot of apps in BB world are Android ports (see skype, Viber) and without the runtime they wouldn't work at all
    2. it would cripple BB's already bad ecosystem to the bare minimum. Most consumers want apps.
    03-26-15 09:49 AM

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