1. eshields1014's Avatar
    Hey guys, So I see that the new bold came out last time I was on here was in July and everyone was talking about how cool it was. I can get the bold for $60.00 but by the looks of it I am not sure if I would totaly like it. Can you guys tell me what you think of it and what is your favorite things about it. Do I have to have a blackberry plan to hook up to the WIFI I don't think that you do but..the rep in the store told me I had to I think he was lying to make money I have the curve now and it doesnt have Wifi but I also dont have a bb plan. So I just want to clear that one up. Also Is the keyboard good? I am thinking I would like the hard keys better. What are some down falls? can I send all my ring tones and pictures over to the bold Any thing that helps is great guys thanks.
    11-06-08 12:43 PM
  2. AbstraKt's Avatar
    A BlackBerry plan is not necessary to use WiFi... all you need is a WiFi signal.

    From what I hear, the keyboard is better than the Curve's.

    By the way... get one for me as well.
    11-06-08 01:01 PM
  3. eshields1014's Avatar
    Oh I am so excited I can't wait hahaha I will get you one to!! ugh I hate this when i want something I cant wait to get it hahah yay!! my goal is to get it before thanks giving wonder if that wil happen
    11-06-08 01:17 PM