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    I have had three blackberries and love all I have had the curve 8330 the bold 9700 and currently have the new BlackBerry torch 9800. I am known as BlackBerry support one my friends I have ad have educated myself and author models two assist my friends and would really like to have a job doing what I like to do most which is helping people with their BlackBerry related problems. Here is the information needed to contact me email cell phone and pin number. Please review this and contact me back at your earliest convenience and thanks for giving me the time to review my information and experience. Theicemanmypass@gmail.com 7165502933 pin 22D110BD

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    10-29-10 12:58 PM
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    Posting this in every forum won't get you a job and will only get you banned. Use a link on the front page and send an email to IM to one of the addresses.
    10-29-10 01:05 PM
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    As rts3k stated.. you blew ANY chance you had by showing that you clearly cannot even follow basic forum rules, lol.
    10-29-10 01:06 PM