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    ....at the complete and utter whining and the full on crybaby syndrome i have seen in the past week here. Seriously, the amount of beeyotching here about how the device wont be available in the US until march makes it hard to be proud to be here. But then I think, " hey, its not everyone here, just some". Lets break it down shall we?
    Most of the time a new device gets released, its here in the States that either gets it first or is among the first. So because we are Blackberry enthusiasts, who have been "ridiculed" for using a BB, and have waited about 2 years for the evolution to be upon us, that we are entitled to be first?
    Get off the high horse people.
    I, and many other US Crackberrians here, have waited just as long and have been here waiting for the greatness. So now because we have to wait what, 4-6 weeks longer, all **** has too break loose?
    Do some of ya'll remember when ordering something it took "4-6 weeks" to arrive? Are some of you just that damn spoiled?


    Lets look at the overall picture. three of the four major US carriers are carrying the Z10. Now sure, us Sprint users can voice our opinions on the fact a flagship device wont be offered, but to outright ***** about the rollout not being until march? Overkill isnt it? We could always switch carriers to one who offers the device we want. Mostly, problem solved(with a sacrifice of a unlimited plan). Theres petitions to Sprint to carry the Z10. This could work. There may be hope on that front. But what can we do about the US launch date? Heres what can be done:


    wait for it......

    wait for it.....


    Why? because its up to the carriers to finish whatever testing needed to have the phones ready. Simple as that. If you dont want to believe that, oh well. tuff. The world will not bend over backwards because Baby doesnt have their toy.

    Sorry if im coming on too harsh. But after a few years of trolls, insults among forum members, ridicule from other platform users(which i also never understood) and an overall unpleasant experiences(none to me directly, but not fun to witness while reading the forus), this overall "me first" attitude ive seen among some of the US forum members here...

    NEEDS TO STOP! Period. Wait till March, then be happy. Simple as that.

    9of13 former Theme Dev and Forum member since 1/03/09

    Proud Crackberrian. So no, i wont just leave if i dont like what im seeing. Ima say something about it.

    02-03-13 10:43 PM
  2. DjDante's Avatar
    didn't we talk about this already? Just want to get the troops work up?
    02-03-13 10:50 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    There are enough threads complaining about the complaining already.
    02-03-13 10:54 PM

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