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    I think I am not as cocky, but I dont know why and I look forward to learning more of my Curve! I just have a few side affects like my humor is becoming useful advice for other members, scarry! and I want to say stuff like get this you wont belive it. =

    "Bump" I dont even no what it means i just say it all the time in convos I am having day to day.

    Last night I was talking football with the guys and Pete started talking about the Packers long story short another guy chimed in and didnt agree with Pete. So I said real casual I think what "OP" ment was such ans such about the Packers. OMG whats happening to me.

    My son asked me where we kept the can opener I said "serach is your friend"
    wow weird huh. he also asked can he go to his friends I said ask your "mod" I mean mother he didnt speak to me for a day or 2.

    My wife asked me to pick up some Milk I mean come on like I not busy so I said just download it "OTA"

    when I need to tell my players something I really think they should know my voice changes to a different pitch and I say "Level 1 MSG"

    I told my boss the other day "TTYL"

    I forgot to take out the garbage and my wife is like what H#ll I gotta do, stickey it for you


    Please let me know if is perfectly OEM I mean natural
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    hah, i think everyone on here is an addict. maybe not to this extent though, haha
    12-23-08 02:02 PM
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    too funny I'm not that addicted yet lol
    12-23-08 02:54 PM
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    12-23-08 02:57 PM
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    too funny I'm not that addicted yet lol

    It just comes out - Like when my daughter was going to go to school dressed liked Britnay Spears I said march back up those stairs and change your "Theme" young lady
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    The crack has hit the berry...I think youre in the denial phase...you will soon be addicted!
    12-23-08 05:58 PM
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    Whatever you do don't try doing a battery pull on yourself to reset ....the ticking in your chest is supposed to be there

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    12-23-08 09:47 PM
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    Now that's funny you made LOL no realy I didn't realy laugh out loud I just said LOL.

    Ha/Ha no I did laugh that was a good one.

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    12-24-08 01:41 AM