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    What is the best mobile site (hurricane info) for viewing on your BB screen?
    Small or large screen?

    In case you didn't know...
    "BlackBerry e-mail messages were delivered as usual after an earthquake struck Virginia today while calls failed, a potential boon to manufacturer Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) as it tries to win back lost market share."

    "The device, indispensable for many..., relies on thousands of RIM servers for its e-mail service instead of phone companies’ networks. Some calls failed because systems of carriers ...were clogged as people tried to reach friends, relatives and colleagues."
    ...from "BlackBerrys Work Through Quake While Calls Fail in Boon to RIM" - Bloomberg
    By Hugo Miller and Olga Kharif - Aug 23, 2011 3:58 PM CT
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    08-26-11 08:42 PM
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    What is the best mobile site for viewing on your BB screen?
    Small or large screen?
    08-26-11 08:46 PM
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    you would know - given your location.
    08-26-11 08:49 PM
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    Tracking the eye is very good I used it for years on my PC.

    For my blackberry I use Garmins "My-Cast Weather" which has a very good hurricane tracker in it.

    It seems pricey at 14.99 but that is a one time price. I have used it on my mobile phones for about 4 years now.

    It is not yet available for the OS7 blackberry's which is why I am not upgrading to an OS7 device until hurricane season is over. ( it generally takes garmin between 2-3 months to update the software for comparability with new phones.)
    08-26-11 10:07 PM
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    @hurricanehub on your Twitter.
    08-26-11 10:24 PM
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    If you live in toronto, follow @wxTO. Direct from Environment Canada.

    There should also be other Wx twitter accounts to check, just not sure of their names.

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    08-26-11 11:09 PM
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    08-26-11 11:35 PM
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    08-27-11 02:32 PM
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    I live in NJ :P
    08-27-11 04:13 PM
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    global warming taking its toll.earthquakes,hurricanes,tsunamis,tornadoes,etc devastating everything in their path.as for a mobile site,just google it.
    08-27-11 06:52 PM