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    If I get everything right.. Google had officially ban Huawei and in 3 month Google will shutdown google play services for all Huawei devices and they become as same as BB10 devices, what do you think what will happen next?

    Maybe BlackBerry Ltd. could offer BB10 license to Huawei?
    05-22-19 03:54 AM
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    Best to keep the conversation in one thread


    Better question is why would they when they already have a replacement is which runs on future kirin CPUs and current phones when bb10 doesn't and need major investment to update which take years
    They dont lose access to current apps on android they lose access to play services which blackberry doent replace like maps etc

    Don't forget the hundreds of millions in fines bbry would have to pay and the loss of government contracts
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    05-22-19 05:01 AM
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    05-22-19 06:23 AM

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