1. JAROAM's Avatar
    Wacky question here...

    If I go to a streaming-audio website, which uses Shoutcast as it's provider, on a BlackBerry device and hit play on its 'HTML5/Flash fallback' audio-player, which half does BB take, the HTML5 or the Flash?

    Curious because on Android the stream may be hit or miss, iOS is fine, and BlackBerry actually is fine also. Trying to find out in a roundabout way what the is wrong with the Android platform because something's amiss on Android whether it be the dualality of the player, Shoutcast, Flash, or just plain Android. Feel free to discuss.
    07-20-12 04:13 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    BB's arent flash capable. they use HTML5 i believe.
    07-20-12 07:07 PM