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    I currently create my own browswer homepage using a software on my PC. I then upload it to my web space. I can customize my favorite sites and links, making that page my homepage on my blackberry browser.
    The only problem is that I can only make changes using my PC; so if I'm not at home I cannot make any changes to the site. Is there an online service that will allow me to create an online homepage account, then be able to make changes to that homepage using my blackberry browser?
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    10-30-08 07:23 AM
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    I ended up searching on Google, and came up with a few options:

    Mobile Website free ! Best mobile websites ( mobile web ) build easily with our mobi site builder.

    Zinadoo Mobile

    MoFuse: Create a Mobile Website, Mobile Site Builder, .mobi Compliant

    I seem like mobiSiteGalore better because there are not banner adds, and you can always customize the appearance and style of your site at any time.
    It also as a wap admin page, allowing you to log in and make changes from your mobile phone browser.
    I could not find a wap login for Zinadoo or Mofuse.

    Are these pretty good site builders to use, or do someone recommend something else I should look into.

    10-30-08 03:21 PM
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    If you get docs to go, you may be able to save as html. I use to use windows notepad all the time to edit html. But if you are looking for a WYSIWYG editor, then I don't have a clue for the bb.

    Wouldn't that be cool if they made Dreamweaver for bb, lol?

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    10-30-08 03:35 PM