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    ive had my black berry since january in the US with ATT. one of the main reasons i quit my unlimited data plan was that there was no html in my emails...it had the links and the actual html text, but no pictures, etc. ATT still only lets people download 4.3 b25. i know that there is 4.5 out but its unsupported. i heard when 4.5 came out, that you could do html mail, but only with the Blackberry enterprise. is this still the case?

    im a little confused. also, is there anyway to use something like safari on an iphone where you dont have to use a portal browser and its not just a list of links to buy stuff? in the commercial for the iphone the browser looks so much cooler and it seems it has lots of cool functions compared to Medianet.
    09-28-08 11:04 PM
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    With OS 4.5 (or higher) and BIS 2.5 (or higher) you get html email. AT&T has upgraded to BIS to 2.5 and html works fine. You still need to tell it to download the images for each email as that is a security measure.

    Also the browser with 4.5 is improved too. Not as good as the iPhone, but better than before. You can also use OperaMini.

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    09-29-08 05:29 AM
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    HTML with 4.5 is free and Awesome!

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    09-29-08 05:34 AM
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    HTML works with OS 4.5 and BIS. I've got TMO.
    09-29-08 08:03 AM
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    a day old with the BB pearl, found this thread when looking how to get html emails rather than the links. What is the security option you speak of so I can get html?

    My OS is 4.3 (will upgrade tonite at home)
    Carrier: Verizon

    does carrier have any effect?

    09-29-08 02:18 PM
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    id like to know this as well
    09-30-08 02:17 PM