1. FeitaInc's Avatar
    Well.. the windows phone 8.1 version of the HTC One M8 is out, and it's just as beautifully crafted as the android version. (it being the same hardware and all, that's hardly surprising.)

    Perhaps the lack of a Z30 replacement is that HTC and BlackBerry will be trying out something new?

    It might be a cost effective way of getting great flagship hardware. (?)

    I might opt for a M8 if it came with BlackBerry10. Well..at least if the Passport turns out to be too big.
    08-28-14 05:53 AM
  2. serbanescu's Avatar
    If HTC would make an M8 running BB10 it could not sell the device under the HTC brand -
    "As part of its efforts to promote a unified Android platform, OHA members are contractually forbidden from producing devices that are based off incompatible forks of Android."
    (source: Open Handset Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    I doubt they would want to build a BlackBerry branded phone either.

    That's too bad, It would make a great BB10 device.
    08-28-14 06:01 AM
  3. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    I doubt HTC could put out a BB10 device even if it wanted to because of the runtime.
    08-28-14 06:02 AM
  4. FeitaInc's Avatar
    Ah. Did not know that. Thanks for the info.
    08-28-14 07:38 AM

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