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    HP TouchPad on sale in April? -- Engadget

    Ok if this tablet gets released any where close to the PB I am not going to be to happy with RIM. I just don't understand why RIM can't just a date or something more solid the Q1. I am not trying to down RIM in any way just a very upset supporter with money to spend on a PB the day it drops, but yet to know when that is officially. This tab was announced after the PB with a summer expected release but yet I read articles like this that is not making me feel good about the silence from RIM. Oh Yes I know this a rumor but still.
    02-22-11 06:31 AM
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    it'll likely debut on sale in may or june. From here on, it's speculation. You could always sell it for the playbook once it goes on sale, or keep it as a spare, or give it as a gift to a loved one.

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    02-27-11 12:44 PM