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    I recently purchased a new HP G62 laptop and a new Torch. I installed the BB desktop software and the Bluetooth portion was greyed out on the desktop. The devices paired up and they did recognize each other. The BB desktop would not recognize this connection. After consulting with BB and HP, I have determined that the HP implentation of Bluetooth is not Microsoft compliant.

    I then uninstalled the HP driver and allowed MS Win7 to locate a standard MS driver for use. With the MS driver, the phone and laptop will not pair up but the BB desktop no longer has the bluetooth section greyed out. When I use the HP driver I can easily pair up the phone and laptop but the BB desktop software does not recognize this connection.

    I can only surmise that the reason that HP didn't use the standard MS driver is because there are some differences in their bluetooth hardware design that had to be accommodated. Why would they write a new driver when they have a free one available? Since BB assumes MS compliance, when the HP driver is used, the BB desktop can't communicate with the HP driver.

    This would make the HP driver and Ralink Motorola Bluetooth chipset non-Microsoft compliant although when I look at the specifications for each, they are certified to be Microsoft compliant.

    Beware if you purchase a HP or Compaq computer if you want to have the desktop work with your BB.

    08-31-10 11:17 AM