1. murrayb3024's Avatar
    I am a noob and was wondering how this works without a Blackberry enterprise server? I have an 8830 Verizon Wireless and was wondering how my work email is getting to my phone? I put in my username and password, where are those being stored? Does my mail have to bounce through Canada (thought I read that somewhere)? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    09-06-07 02:25 PM
  2. Trevor's Avatar
    Since you are not on a BES, you are on BIS. This is the "consumer" version of BlackBerry severs. Your email is running through their server and is being pushed to your device.

    No worries though, BlackBerry is very secure.
    09-06-07 03:01 PM
  3. murrayb3024's Avatar
    Who owns the BIS? Is it Verizon or RIM or some other entity?
    09-06-07 03:08 PM