02-02-13 02:21 PM
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  1. Seijuro's Avatar
    it'll probably cost around 500-650euro off contract in germany.. and im not complaining : )
    01-31-13 03:52 AM
  2. web99's Avatar
    $600 off contract and $139.99 for 3 year contract at Rogers. It's cheaper than the iPhone and I am definitely getting one.
    01-31-13 04:09 AM
  3. wuulfy's Avatar
    Free for 36 a month with unlimited calls and text with 1G of data on O2.
    01-31-13 06:47 AM
  4. wuulfy's Avatar
    479 pay as you go.
    01-31-13 06:48 AM
  5. Caymancroc's Avatar
    Too late and priced too high.
    01-31-13 07:07 AM
  6. Crisdean's Avatar
    Too late and priced too high.
    Hmm can't agree with that one. For the things I'm being offered the price is perfectly fine.
    01-31-13 07:40 AM
  7. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    I feel that the pricing is very agreeable . what im noticing from Bell is that its 3-yr or NoTerm. i think that is a little much to be asking for. There are many people out there that are EXTREMELY hesitant about signing a 3yr contract...even if its for a great device like the Z10
    01-31-13 07:45 AM
  8. janzeeschuimers's Avatar
    Here in The Netherlands the first price I saw off contract is 566 Euro , I think the price is a bit high , maybe crazy high.

    566 Euro is 766,41 US Dollar

    01-31-13 07:55 AM
  9. Kezzy Esione's Avatar
    Plan on doing the same thing. I just wonder if it will be a pain to unlock it to use on att
    02-02-13 02:10 PM
  10. jordandrews90's Avatar
    I think it's a good price, obviously if it was $100 off contract i'd be ecstatic, but $550 off contract I think it a very smart price for Blackberry. And over time that price will only go down.
    02-02-13 02:20 PM
  11. DuexNoir's Avatar
    was hoping for something around $550 off contract... $649 plus 15% tax is to much for me to spend on a device.
    It's $599 CDN off-contract. Koodo has it for $550 off-contract.

    With pricing of SGIII at more than $600, Note2 at more than $700, and iP5 at $700 off-contract (CDN), and Z10 has same pricing as Nokia Lumia 920 off-contract, I don't understand how some can say it's more expensive? If you're looking on-contract pricing, Z10 has just been released, so the on-contract may be slightly more expensive than those released months before. Give a couple more months, and the price will come down just like the others. I highly doubt that the SG3 or iP5 were on-contract for anything less than $150 CDN after the first few days of release.
    02-02-13 02:21 PM
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