1. CojonesDeToro's Avatar
    I want to wipe my blackberry to factory settings but preserve my wireless Email account to my company. My IT department doesn't employ a lot of the draconian methods enforcing OS versions, etc. I'd like to keep that way by not bothering them to re-activate my blackberry after I reset it. Is there a way that I can backup the blackberry, reset it and restore only the bits needed so my outlook sync and other wireless stuff still works?

    I am on a Verizon 8330 running the unofficial 5.X release that came out a few weeks ago. it's pretty solid but a bit bloated because I did a full restore after upgrading. I had to bug my IT guys then to re-activate and I'd rather not do it again.

    10-29-09 04:32 PM
  2. powerguido's Avatar
    Sir, I am facing the same problem, but in my case, IT polices are blocking me when I try to remove an app frommy Bold 9700. I can install but I cannot unistall.
    I really would like to know (for sure) if a security wipe only with "User Installed Applications" options can remove my BES activation. Can someone help me out?
    02-28-11 11:13 AM
  3. bbhelper's Avatar
    OP- there is no possible way to do this but it is likely that you can reactivate it with that same OS.

    Power- wiping the phone will not remove the IT policy. There are ways to remove the IT policy but I will not discuss that. If you go to status and type "buyr" it will tell you whether or not an IT policy is enabled.
    02-28-11 12:08 PM
  4. mooda's Avatar
    you should be able to reactive your blackberry on the bes on your own. Have Desktop manager installed on your work pc that has your exchange email account on it. after the os is installed on the blackberry just having it plugged into the computer with DM open should start the server sync with your email account.
    02-28-11 01:16 PM