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    Hello. I've downloaded Google Sync on my Storm 2 and am unable to sync my blackberry contacts to my new gmail account address book which is empty. When I run google sync, it says it updates the calendar and the contacts, but if I check my contacts and the calendar in gmail, they are empty. I configured google sync on my phone to sync my contacts and my calendar. I tried syncing it automatically, and manually, nothing works. Any help is appreciated.
    I also just notices that if I go to my contacts on my storm, if I click the menu button, there is an option to select a contact list (I have another email, and all of my contacts are under that email). How do i get rid of that second email contact list and have only one contact list associated with my gmail account? Thanks
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    04-22-10 03:15 AM
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    You can got to advanced option, default services, and check which email you have listed as the contact source that you are syncing. If you change that, everything should be fine.

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