1. andy5128's Avatar
    Hi All

    Being a newbie to Blackberry..

    I am a bit stuck and after some wisdom or anything...!!

    Well a friend of mine had a blackberry pearl but was not too keen and decided to take it off his hands.. Well phone was originally on Vodafone UK but has been unlocked by Voda to use as I myself are on Tmobile UK.

    How do I go about setting up email etc? I have the pin and IMEI, I guess these are for voda though and not tmobile? Pin etc has not been registered to my knowledge, do I register this with Voda or tmobile, which route do I take??

    Also can't get the browser to work again presume this is something to do with using it on tmobile and not voda as it was originally intended..

    Everything else works fine, sms and call taking working with no problems..

    Appreciate anybodies input or advice..

    08-25-07 04:52 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I'm a bit confused with the question, but, let me try an answer. When you go to your BIS account for T-Mobile (whether it be T-Mobile, or T-Mobile UK) you should be able to add the Pin / IMEI number there, and thus have your BlackBerry.net email address on said device, in addition to adding more accounts (you're allowed up to 10 pop3 accounts)...
    08-26-07 10:42 AM