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    Hi, folks,

    I have been a Palm user for well over 12 years, ever since the first monochrome Palm Pilot! I just switched last week from a Treo 700P to a BB Tour.

    I had all my daily calendar, memo, and contact info on the Palm Desktop for Mac. I never used my Palm for e-mail.

    I seem to have migrated my contact info over, though I think it is from an older data file. A lot of contacts are missing.

    I managed to migrate old calendar information from the Palm Desktop to iCal and then sync'd that with the BB. But it seems to take forever. Seriously, about 10-15 minutes per sync, just for the calendar. My Palm only took 30 seconds to sync all my files, including photos, calendar, contacts and memos.

    Not a single memo has been transferred...one of my most important uses for a PDA. Help!?

    Surely there must be a desktop program out there for a Mac that does all of this and syncs faster than the BB Desktop Manager. Or am I missing something?

    I don't see any way to import files directly from my Mac to my BB. I can connect the BB to my Mac and browse the files on the BB, and even apparently copy a file from my Mac to the BB, but it doesn't show up on the BB.

    Any ideas or suggestions?



    Mac: PowerBook G4, 1.7 GHz, Leopard 10.5.8
    BB: Tour, Verizon 9630.
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    Sorry, don't know anything about Macs and even less about Treos, but you should ask Verizon to transfer your contacts, and possibly data over for you.

    They have a gizmo called a Cellbrite (Cellibrite?) that is used for contact and data transfer across platforms.
    10-25-09 02:17 PM
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    Thanks for the thoughts...
    I did go to Verizon late last week (a franchise store).
    They didn't have anything in the store that worked but did get me on the phone with Tech Support who helped get the calendar transferred.

    I wonder if other stores have different hardware to do these transfers....

    10-25-09 03:32 PM
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    Migrate, even if some of it has to be done manually, to iCal, AddressBook, etc. then sync everything to your BlackBerry. I can't help you with memos, as I do not use them, but check out Missing Sync. It's a great application and it syncs everything (contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, music, videos, sms logs, call logs, etc.) via bluetooth automatically. It includes a notes/memo application.

    Since you're a Mac user you may also be interested in Things. Even though they don't have a native application for BlackBerrys... ugh, that's the usual thing anymore... it'll transfer your tasks to iCal and then to your phone, once they're completed on your phone (you delete or mark as completed) it'll transfer over to iCal and finally transfer back to Things. It's nifty.

    I hope this helps ya a bit.
    10-25-09 04:32 PM