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    First. I want to explain the purpose of this post. It is to get people to learn how much more easy the keyboard is to used than the Trackpad or trackball. I learned this when my trackball broke on my 8330 and my trackpad broke on my 9650.

    These shortcuts will eliminate the need to use a trackballs or trackpads.

    Now here are the shortcuts
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    R alarm (Only OS 5 and lower)
    T tasks
    U calculator
    I opens AIM
    O options.
    A address book
    S search (Universal search on 6 and 7)
    D notepad
    F profiles (Only on 5 and lower)
    G google talk
    H help
    K keyboard lock
    L calendar
    C compose
    V saved messages.
    B browser
    N BlackBerry Messenger
    M messages
    Y Yahoo Messenger
    X Windows Live Messenger

    These especially Messages is where I do everything.
    For further explanation, Go here.
    __________________________________________________ ____________
    iOS was able to copy and past starting from Firmware update 3.0. It is annoyingly difficult.

    Blackberry OS. Can do this MUCH faster.
    After you highlight, Click, Alt+Track to copy, Shift+Trackball to paste and Shift+Delete to Cut.
    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Word Substitution.

    mypin - Inputs device Pin.
    mynumber - Inputs the phone number that your phone thinks it is. (If you have an unlocked CDMA phone it may not show up right if you are using a SIM Card. )
    LD - inputs the current date.
    LT -inputs the current time(This is down to the second).
    myver - Inputs the Software version. (Not App Version)
    sig -Inputs the message on the lockscreen.
    usrid - Inputs the name on lockscreen.
    __________________________________________________ ____________
    System Shortcuts.
    Alt+Left Shift+H - Shows help Screen.
    Alt+Right Shift+Del - Initiates Soft Reboot

    Hold alt.
    Alt(L,G,L,G) - Shows Event Log.
    Alt(N,M,L,L) - Shows Signal in Numbers.
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    I live and breathe by these shortcuts and use QuickLaunch to cover the rest. This allows me to keep as few icons on my All pane as possible, and put a few frequently-used apps in my top row for quick touchscreen access, like specific icons for my 2 BBM groups, Tiny Meter, Pics, and BeWeather (for the icon, as there are no weather slot themes for OS 7 yet). I have no desire to hunt through pages of icons to launch apps. For those things that I use infrequently, I have them arranged in a few folders on my homescreen. I have to drill down no more than 2 levels to get to them.

    Keyboard shortcuts FTMFW.
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