1. llohoefner's Avatar
    I have a world edition blackberry and can't find a way to separate the email, text messages and voice mails into separate locations...what a mess. I'm told there isn't a way with this operating system. Is there a newer operating system I can download that would allow me to do this....I'm not a techie and this is a mystery for me. Help in the easiest terminology is appreciated!
    09-20-10 07:15 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If you have an 8830, a 4.5 OS is the latest available. You can see what OS version you have by pressing Alt, Right Shift, and H and holding all three down. My old 8830 is running, but that is not the latest OS 4.5.

    To separate your texts and emails, go to Messages / Options / SMS and Email Inboxes and select Separate. If there is a way to suppress Voice Mail notifications, I don't recall it.
    09-20-10 07:59 PM
  3. llohoefner's Avatar
    You're a lifesaver! Thanks so much. The Verizon guy said there was no way with this phone to do that and I just couldn't believe that was true...I like my 8830 and have been way beyond contract for a long time...it's great to have this messy problem solved! Thanks again.
    09-20-10 08:30 PM
  4. llohoefner's Avatar
    Oh...and by the way....I have the original version on this phone. It's a 4.2 something. So if anyone else is interested, your solution was perfect and I'm all set.
    09-20-10 08:33 PM