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    I tend to use Wordpad to keep my report writing simple and allow my secretary to tweak things in Winword. The file is a "rich text format" (rtf) file.

    I will occasionally email my wordpad file to myself to transport it to work as a way to avoid hooking up the usb cable. While I also tend to send it to a work email, having the second copy sent to the BB is a backup. Basically trying to use the BB as a removable drive.

    My 8830 will not open the file attachment (I've got doc-to-go) and correctly informs me it is a rich text format document. What I would like to be able to do is RETRIEVE the attachment even if it cannot be opened or viewed. Is there any way to retrieve or save the file to the BB either internal memory or my sd card? It appears that the file must be initially processed in some fashion because it does get some/all of the file to determine it is rtf.
    08-27-09 07:30 PM
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    I just discovered the answer in a thread on "playing wav files."

    I had removed "Blackberry Attachment Service" and this removed any option to download and save the file. Just added it back in and I was able to save the file to my sd card as I had wanted.
    08-27-09 09:18 PM