11-12-11 01:38 AM
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  1. aznrice's Avatar
    Far more secure than using a Phone number (PingMe, iMessage*) as their is zero personal info tied to your PIN unless you put it there. and you change phones, the PIN is gone, you get to start fresh, but with a device switch none of your contacts need to know, so you can delete who you don`t want, device switch, they can`t get you back. no email addresses to change, or user accounts to worry about, it is simplistically beautiful

    *iMessage can use more than just phone numbers to ad a user
    what about blackberry ID for the newer devices and playbook bbm in the future? i see RIM is moving to that direction with PIN tied to blackberry ID, and im pretty sure there are lots of personal information tied to the blackberry ID account and i certainly hope RIM will take this into consideration
    11-11-11 01:10 PM
  2. henryVIII's Avatar
    you cant retrieve personal information with someones PIN unless you directly tell them all you know. And no one can hack into your PIN unless they physically have your phone.
    11-11-11 01:43 PM
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    i am loving this post, it is the first post on any forum i belong to that has more than two or three replies, and serious ones at that, i used to think that my posting had the kiss of death to it, just goes to show that people here are very kind and helpful, and knowledgable about the stuff they like.

    many kind thanks didgit
    11-12-11 01:38 AM
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